Sunday, May 19, 2013

Anatomy of La Coqueta

ANATOMY OF LA COQUETA Tinnitus Brain At the edge of a uranium mine tailing, there is a teeming anthill. These ants, they go ten times faster than normal ants, and their heads are gigantic on their thoraxes. They've got ten legs instead of six. They scramble frantically around cacti and scrub oak, mistaking sand for sugar, piling it up in tunnels deep under the ground. They're preparing for the apocalypse, but it never comes. Turgid Peas for Eyes At a coffee shop filled with twenty-somethings, a washed-up old rockstar sits drinking an IPA at 11AM—the earliest they can sell it to him. His face is always hot with jealousy. He hates the young men who pick up pussy like it's nothing. Like it's just another cafe cheeseburger. He dyes his hair a bright yellow-blond and goes out at night when his bones want to sleep. His sunglasses are a decade out of style, but no one's told him so. Prairie Ears An old nightbird whistles cold and scary in full moon fog. No love is big enough to take away the chill it leaves. No love is big enough. Breasts Swollen Once Per Month There's a woman in Mississippi so goddamned fat it takes four men to hoist her off the bed and onto a slab of plywood to carry her out to the pickup bed. She's got a skinny husband she pushes around. Give Mama a footrub! Go buy me some Twinkies, baby! The doctor told him not to, but the scrawny little worm does it for her every time. What you gotta do is not feed her for a month, the doctor said. Just bring her water, and high tail it out of her reach before she gets riled up about it. What's she gonna do, get up and chase you down? She's got enough blubber to live off for a year at least. She'll hate you for it, but you'd be doing her a favor. Tightness in the Chest A bunch of vigilante conspiracy theorists have holed up in the sun-bleached ribcage of an old blue whale. They're setting fire to polyester American flags, which melt like nylon rope. They've got pink, pint-size rifles for the little girls tromping around in their fathers' boots. A one-eyed old shotgun toter's got a banjo and a long gray beard. He sits on a rib and can't stop singing about death in the coal mines back home. The young fellas walk the perimeter in shifts, assault rifles and ammo slung across their backs. They're ready and waiting. Just let the government try and make a New World Order. Roiling Stomach In Ohio, there's a meteorologist suffering from insomnia. He wakes up at 3AM to calculate the speed at which a storm is moving up the East Coast. He finds the answers under mashed potato clouds. Under the light of a tiny desk lamp, he scribbles madly on legal pad paper. He draws the center of the storm, a big black hole eating up the world. He runs to the rooftop to yell out his findings, but lightning strikes him and he looks like Jesus with his arms outstretched. Hot Pepper Intestines Sometimes the things boys dare a girl to do end up becoming lifelong hobbies. For Sarah, it was tightrope walking. For Betty, it was auto repair. But for Kara, it was astral projection, and she mastered it above and beyond the man who wanted her to do it. One night they lay there in bed. She was drifting off to sleep when he yelled out, “There! There, did you feel that?” Now ten years later, she's off flying through the ether, buying tickets to everywhere with the money her mother left her. She's been to Haiti, Nepal, and Bermuda. But her sites are set on loftier places. She's heading out past Neptune as we speak. Long Legs That Never Lose Their Youth There is a hill behind the trailer park where girls go climbing the summer before they start 9th grade. Down in the trailer park, Mexican construction workers shield their eyes from the sun to watch. The girls whisper to each other how they hate it, and really, it scares them a little, but it also makes their pulses race. They crouch down and giggle in a ravine littered with beer bottles. The smell of sagebrush is hot around them. A twig snaps a few feet off. They scream and scatter like rabbits. Planter Fasciitis Heel There is a tattooed girl who walks and smokes ten miles at 2AM. She's trying to outwalk the coyotes in the distance. The faster she walks, the louder their yipping gets, but when she turns her head to look, she never catches hide nor hair of them. THE END