Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bo Huff's Rockabilly Car Show

Last weekend was the annual Bo Huff's Rockabilly Car Show in East Carbon (a.k.a. Dragerton), Utah last weekend. I've wanted to go to this show for years. My brother takes his rat rods there every year, and always comes back with tales of rockabilly debauchery and Bo Huff antics. This year, I finally got to see it for myself. After spending a couple of days in sinful Las Vegas, and another in creepy-Salt Lake City, my boyfriend and I drove to Dragerton in the magic light of early evening.
East Carbon is about a three-hour drive southeast of Salt Lake city. Continue on Highway 191 another half hour and you'd be in Green River. East Carbon is one of several small coal mining towns in east-central Utah. It's built right along the railroad tracks, and one main highway runs through the center. There's a Sinclair gas station, a grange hall, three churches (one Mormon, one Catholic, one Pentecostal), a small grocery store, Bo Huff's Hot Rod Museum, and a few little residential neighborhoods. Some of the homes are trailers, a few are ramshackle houses, but most are regular old middle American homes. On the day we arrived, the air was filled with the smell of rain on sagebrush.
As we pulled into town, we saw cars and people gathered at Bo Huff's museum/shop, and in front of the grange hall:
(Side note...Here's what I was wearing that day.)
We stopped at Bo Huff's to find out where my brother was. It was my first time meeting Bo Huff, and he really was as saucy as my brother had told me. He liked my Mardi Gras glasses, and told me with a mischievous smile, "Don't ever take those off. I don't ever want to see your face!" We then drove to the other end of town, to the park where the car show was to be held the following day. Here was where my brother and all his pals had their cars parked and tents set up for the weekend:
That night, those of the Cat Dragrz who were sober enough to drive or walk back up the hill to town went to the grange hall to hear a performance by the rockabilly band, Mad Max and the Wild Ones. The band is made up of three sons and their father (who plays a rockabilly pinstriped bass). Here's the soon-to-be-teen-heartthrob, Duke, lead singer of the band:
Early the next morning, we all crawled out of the tents. The Cat Dragrz complained of hangovers as they rolled their cars out onto the grass. They weren't the only ones setting up. Bo Huff's car show is part of East Carbon's 1950's themed annual Community Daze festival, so there were all kinds of food and craft booths setting up as well. There was even a tattoo booth, a Suavecito greaser pomade booth, and a barber tent where men lined up for pompadour haircuts. Here are some photos from the show:
In the upcoming weeks, I'll post more blog entries about specific people from the car show. Jason is currently editing the video footage we took. Stay tuned for updates on when we'll launch the Kickstarter fund drive for the custom cars documentary!

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