Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stentorian Sandman!

Enter my alley-cat’s brain!

These are the fish it’s been digging out of garbage cans this week:

The eager announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death unsettles me, as do the shape-shifting facts of the situation.

Humans are not so much social animals as they are fear-filled animals, and I suddenly see how the two concepts get confused ALL THE TIME.

I don’t believe the past or future exist, because the present is all I can touch.

I don’t want to be anyone’s firefly-in-a-jar, and I don’t want a firefly-in-a-jar.

I have no awareness of the volume of my own voice.

If people cease to exist the second they leave my field of vision/hearing, then I don’t have to worry about what they think anymore.

I am not ready for summer.

Shark’s comment of “Aw… first world problems!” now haunts me on a regular basis. (All of my problems are first world problems. Suddenly they look less like problems and more like whining.)

I am a horrible driver.


  1. Don't get down on yourself about First World Problems. It's meant to help put things in perspective, and to decrease the accompanying stress.

  2. I love the "I have no awareness of the volume of my own voice" and "I am a horrible driver," two things that my husband, and assorted police officers, never cease reminding me of!