Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zen Garden Pavel

I'm always in awe of my friends who are photographers. How do they make trashy, urban landscapes look spiritual? How do they turn lime green into electricity? How do they create images that hold more texture, magic, and energy than the real world?

When I first met my friend Pavel Sorokin, I had no idea he was one of these visual magicians. He's not one of those types who walks around everywhere with a giant camera bag and salon spiked hair, handing out business cards with flashy Photo Shop effects reading "Photographer. $500 per hour." Nope. Pavel is very quiet about the things he creates. He doesn't advertise them overtly, so you have to ask the right questions to catch a glimpse of his talents. His photos are that way, too. They don't scream in your face for attention. Instead, they exist gently, quietly, like Zen gardens, and it is up to the observer to step outside his or her human self-absorption to fully take in the subtle magic at work in their imagery.

Below are representative samples of Pavel's work, followed by a link to his online gallery. You won't get the full effect from these thumbnails, so promise me, PROMISE ME, you'll click on each one to see them in full size!

To see a more extensive gallery of Pavel's photos, please visit here, where you will also find his contact information. (Please get in touch with him at the email address listed on his gallery site if you are interested in owning copies of his photos, since the company that hosts his website does not share profits with the photographers.)


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love love LOVE the skyline with all those rushing clouds, makes me feel so small. Makes me feel how I would feel if I were standing in real life looking at it...just beautiful.