Tuesday, February 1, 2011

As Rain Design

My first encounter with As Rain Design involved Plot Bunnies. A Plot Bunny is a little creature that burrows into your thoughts and hijacks your brain, making you want to write stories when you are supposed to be doing "responsible" things like studying or completing mundane tasks for your boss. I had never heard of Plot Bunnies until my friend Max showed up to Write Club one week, about to bubble over with excitement, because at last she was going to have the chance to DO something with the Plot Bunny that had been running around her brain all day. The following week, she showed up at Write Club with these:

Oh my GOD, how cute!!!!! Where on earth had she found REAL Plot Bunnies?

It turns out that Max's sister, Sarina, is a jack of all trades when it comes to art. Sarina is the one who dreamed up these Plot Bunnies, and, as I've learned, so many other things as well! Give Sarina any artistic or craft medium -- graphite, beads, stained glass, cloth, paint, anything -- and she will create something beautiful. She calls her business As Rain Design. Here are some samples of her work:

If you would like to contact Sarina, you can follow As Rain Design on Facebook or email her here: asraindesign@live.com. She takes orders for custom projects, too. (She has just emailed me to tell me she's finished a Plot Bunny for me!)

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  1. I am BLOWN away. I think I will be commissioning her for some plot bunnies of my own this summer. I think the writers in my group could use some inspiration in-the-flesh...er, in-the-cloth I mean. :)