Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magic Spell (Written in Ruby-Slipper-Red Glitter Pencil)

Wake up, Sleepy One. Wake up now. Hear crows outside your window. Look out to see them. Love their beauty for the first time ever. Love them because I love them. Remember the crow photo I took the last time you saw me. Then come find me. You know where. I'll be there with my nerd girl books. Come and tell me your thoughts on true, eternal love. Then I'll put cracks in your illusions, and you can do the same to mine. Come illuminate your flaws for me so I can stop idolizing you. Come with soup on your chin. Come with that hat that makes you look like unappealing Nicolas Cage. Come with hairy knuckles. Come with your hesitation. Come in the door magical, exit human. Come reveal the differences between you and your book collection. Come sweet and beautiful, oddly shaped and curly haired. Come because my void is aching with the delusion that you are what I want you to be. Come be my spontaneous friend... my best friend in the universe. Tell me the vulnerable secrets you hoard so stingily. I'll tell you more of my Bukowski-ugly sins to underscore in your mind that I'm the wrong kind of magic.

I need some help inverting my perspective. I need one last brick to smash a certain film projector in my world... a certain illusion projector that casts beautifully deceptive images upon the screens of you and all of your kind.


  1. I don't think soup on the chin is enough to break magic illusions. Something more powerful, maybe, like the span of years?

    For me, it seems like Time is the only foolproof illusion-buster.

  2. People are afraid of disillusionment, because it's so damn painful - and yet, who really wants to live under an illusion?

    Losing your illusions is like having a bad tooth pulled - necessarily painful, and painfully necessary.