Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gumbo Night at Vance Johnson’s Outlaw Ribbs

Saturday night, my father and I went to Vance Johnson’s Outlaw Ribbs for a special gumbo night. The guest chefs were a husband-wife team from Louisiana, winners of the 2004 World Championship Gumbo CookOff. The gumbo was AMAZING, filled with wonderful Cajun smoked sausage, ham hocks, and tender chicken. It was spicy enough to make my dad’s forehead break out in sweat, and even my spice-masochist self could feel a light fire on the tongue.

Here is a picture of Vance Johnson, ex-Broncos football player, hottest man in Parachute, serving up gumbo. (I’ll keep my mouth shut about that paddle! Tee hee!)

The lady you see on the right-hand side of the photo (the one in the blue shirt) is one of the World Champion gumbo chefs. After we finished eating, we talked with her for a while. She gave me a big perfumed hug and told me all about the traditions of Cajun cooking. “In New Iberia, where we’re from, we eat rice with EVERYTHING. And that’s where we get our sausage shipped in from, New Iberia,” she drawled. She is one of those warm, beautiful, and super-feminine southern women. The kind I always want to have adopt me as a niece.

In addition to the gumbo, they were grilling boudin sausages, which are filled with rice and meat. Excellent stuff!

You may remember seeing photos of Vance Johnson’s Outlaw Ribbs from my first Colorado post. I’ve grown quite fond of the place since being here. The waitresses are all so friendly. They call my father by name, and they know what we are going to order before we even say it. Several days per week, Vance Johnson’s parents can be seen helping out around the restaurant. They are by far the sweetest, cutest couple I have ever seen.

One of my favorite things at Vance Johnson’s is watching the large groups of Halliburton workers come in for breakfast. (And it’s not just because they look so good in their red Halliburton jumpsuits!) Most of these men work nights on the oil-rigs. They come to Vance Johnson’s when they finish their shifts at 6AM, where they order big breakfast combos and bottles of Coors. Outside, the parking lot is packed with their gigantic pickup trucks. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


  1. Ah, beer and breakfast. Possibly the best combination in the whole world.

    Wait--let me amend that--COORS and breakfast, now that's the VERY best.