Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cat Dragrz Barbecue

I never knew that my brother was an amazing chef. The last time I remember him cooking something for me was back when we lived in a Mexican trailer park in Rifle, Colorado, when we were both in middle school. An elderly Mexican man taught my brother all kinds of interesting things, like how to twist wire into the shapes of scorpions and little dogs, and how to deep fry mini chicken drumsticks in lard. (You know, the kind of lard you can buy at Mexican grocery stores? It comes in a blue bucket.) Sometimes my brother used to fry chicken for us that way. I had assumed that was the extent of my his cooking skills. But this past weekend, he had my father and I over for a barbecue. He bought some sort of marinated chicken breast from a little Mexican carniceria, and grilled it along with some Anaheim peppers. He heated some flour and corn tortillas on the grill, and then used them to wrap the chicken and peppers with some chopped tomatoes, lettuce, and organic ranch dressing. Best burritos EVER! I strongly considered kidnapping him and taking him back to Seattle with me to be my personal chef!

While my brother grilled the chicken and peppers, I looked around his shop and found still more things to take photos of.

These wheels belong to my brother's friend and fellow Cat Dragrz member:

To get the floral effect on this truck, my brother and his roommate used a lace curtain as a sort of stencil:

My brother recently made this jack-o-lantern gear shift knob:

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  1. I want that chicken on the grill! I only have a tiny fire-escape that I'm not legally allowed to go out on unless there's an actual fire, so I haven't barbecued in quite a while. YUM.