Thursday, September 23, 2010

Junk Town

My friend Jïhmë calls the little city of Grand Junction “Junk Town”. Jïhmë lives there, so he would know. Grand Junction is an hour west of my hometown, and about an hour or so east of the Utah border. For those of you from the Seattle area, Grand Junction as like a combination of Bellingham and Yakima. The city is home to Mesa State College, and has a main street with coffee shops, record stores, local art exhibits, and bookstores. That’s what reminds me of Bellingham. But the rest of the city is definitely more of a Yakima.

Here are some photos of Main Street:

These were taken at a little coffee shop I found just a couple of blocks from Main Street, called Roasted Espresso & Subs. They serve iced mochas in Mason jars!

These are from an industrial area of the city:

Graffiti on this tower reads, "Destroy Corporate America":

I think the checkered symbol of the Purina pet food company is one of the first symbols any kid growing up in Colorado learns to recognize:

Under the bridge:

The Daily Sentinel is Grand Junction’s newspaper:

This white sand spilled on the tracks looks more like snow!

Other pictures I took around the city:

By the way, one of the best things I found in this city is a little Asian grocery store, called Carol’s Oriental Food and Gifts. It’s just up the street from the El Palomino motel, and it is the jewel of western Colorado for someone like me! Imagine how excited I was to find a place that sells Korean rice cakes, udon noodles, and seasoned laver seaweed within semi-reasonable driving distance of my hometown!


  1. From the pictures, your assessment of Grand Junction looking like a combination of Bellingham and Yakima looks spot on!

  2. I like the apple core.
    And the horse. I think that one's my favorite.
    And the bicycle shop sign.
    And the insurance sign, for some reason.
    And the painted truck.
    And the Mountain Furnishing sign. I wouldn't mind having those silhouettes if I had a place to display them.

  3. I really liked the insurance sign too! (For some reason.)

    I had to laugh at the graffiti: "Why do people hate me so much?" Well, I thought, maybe because you keep tagging everyone else's property, you little shit!

    Haha. I would have done the exact same thing when I was 16...

  4. I love the frog prince, and I want to cover the christian healing rooms with cutout snowflakes. I don't know why, but it seems the only remedy.