Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Colorado Graffiti

Remember that photo I posted of the dirt-bike/ATV trails near my Pa's place? Well, just behind those trails are some drainage pipes, and I discovered the most FASCINATING graffiti on them! I took photos of my favorites. (And y'all had better appreciate these photos, because I had to crawl into the drain pipes with a bunch of spiders to get them!) Five points for every spelling error found in this graffiti!


  1. My favorite image is the last drawing of the skull, wonderful big teeth on that one!

    And my favorite lines are "The Pancake Hole," which for some reason sounds delightfully dirty to me, and "I'm a Grrrasarus REX!" Makes me think of someone with a magical imagination caught in a dark drainpipe.

    This graffiti really brought me back to years ago when I was growing up in Podunk Michigan, much the same sort of rhymes...ah, the nostalgia.

  2. Goddamn it Minima those were my favorites too. Thanks for saving my typin'-muscles. =D