Thursday, September 16, 2010


Over Labor Day weekend, my father and I took a drive to the little town of Collbran. Collbran is almost directly south of my father's town, Parachute, but because of the mountains, you have to drive west and then southeast to get there. The drive is beautiful and takes about an hour. Here are some photos of the scenery along the way:

Fractional road names are not uncommon in certain parts of Western Colorado! The little city of Grand Junction is infamous for having fractional roads:

Here are pictures of the town of Collbran, which pretty much has one main street and some residential areas. The first photo is of the rodeo grounds.

The main street:

I love the "Hunter" bumper sticker on the truck outside the taxidermy shop:

My dad and I ate lunch at Collbran's Cattleman's Grill. The burgers here are AMAZING. Local beef, mushrooms, sliced avocado. The restaurant also has a great community atmosphere. The waitresses know all the customers, and they talk about who in the area is cutting hay, or whose sons are in need of jobs. The brands on the walls are from some of the first ranches established in the area, many of which no longer exist:


  1. I've been haunted the past few days by the idea of PLACE for writers. The ghosts of different places seem to follow us, obsess and intrigue us, and ultimately hypnotize some of us until we can see nothing else but the specter of places past in our writer's inner floating eye.

    Your blog is a feast for any writer looking to gorge on place...

  2. Such a tease. You can't mention hamburgers, then NOT post pictures of them. I've never seen fractional road signs before, you've made Colorado an intriguing travel destination.

  3. I'm at once intrigued and repelled by the place. It's so far removed from anything I've experienced that I'm curious about it. However, it would be very difficult for me not to do something foolish that might get me shot; such as splashing colorful paint all over the buildings.