Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things You Only See in San Francisco

In Seattle, I meet my share of fascinating people, usually on the city buses. From these experiences, I assume that people can no longer surprise me, but then I go to San Francisco and find that actually, people CAN still make my jaw drop! At heart, I guess I am still just a small town Colorado girl.

The above photo was taken near the intersection of Market and Castro. Just two days before I took this photo, I saw three noteworthy men standing in this very location. Those three men were probably in their late fifties, and all of them were butt naked. I think at least two of them had dick piercings. And at least one of them had a GIGANTIC cock. Wow! Welcome to The Castro! As they stood there, a nice Eastern European child watched them with curiosity, while his parents took pictures of the giant rainbow flag undulating in the distance. The three nude men were talking to another man, this one clothed. Pedestrians walked by, going about their business, unfazed by this scene. Sorry, I didn't take a picture on that day, though I'm sure the three men would have been happy to pose with me!

I had one other experience involving male nudity. Minima and I were walking through the Tenderloin, on our way to a wonderful Vietnamese sandwich shop. A drunken gentleman was sitting on the sidewalk, smiling as if he were in paradise. He had removed his pants entirely (underwear were absent), and was wriggling into a new pair of pants in a very unhurried fashion. "Yup, that's the Tenderloin for you," Minima said when I pointed him out.

Here are two photos of sights that did not involve male nudity! The first photo was taken in the Mission's Dolores Park, where two homeless men found a way to watch TV. The second is a photo of a man Minima and I saw while walking near downtown (if I remember correctly). The man was passed out drunk, and had chosen a rather steep sidewalk for his naptime bed.

My final photos for this post come from a little park near Chinatown. As I walked by the park, my attention was grabbed by a homeless man who is apparently a lover of pigeons. He was sprinkling food for the birds all over the ground and on his own body. Every few minutes, he called out, "Ouch, one bit me!" Just a few feet away from him were several elderly Chinese men playing Chinese chess:

Oh, San Francisco!


  1. You forgot the other guy we saw in the Tenderloin--the one who was in sagging underpants singing his heart out to the world. The Loin is seriously one of my favorite neighborhoods in the City. Inch for inch, the most interesting people in the world frequent that sidewalk.

  2. Now when you say gigantic, do you mean large in length? Girth? And are we talkin a Prince Albert? Dolphin? Magic Cross? The fan favorite Reverse Prince Albert?

    Just kidding. More pictures please. And what camera are you using by the way?

  3. These are great! I can't wait to see more!