Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Storm

I have to interrupt my series of posts on San Francisco to talk about The Seattle Storm, Seattle's professional women's basketball team. A friend of mine gave my husband and me tickets to a Storm's game last night (against the L.A. Sparks), and it was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. I've wanted to go to a Storm's game for over a year now. Not so much because I'm a huge fan of watching sports (because I'm not). It's more that I really respect The Storm's players. Everything that I've heard about what these women mean to the Seattle community has really impressed me. Also, I am tired of men's sports getting all the glory. Personally, I'm glad The Sonics left Seattle. Especially after what I watched last night. I think Seattle should use the loss of the Sonics as an opportunity to show The Storm the wholehearted support they deserve. They are INFINITELY cooler than The Sonics could ever hope to be! To all of you who live in Seattle, I STRONGLY urge you to go to a Storm's game. These women put on an awesome show, and they are GORGEOUS to boot! (Honestly, after watching them play last night, I don't understand why heterosexual men have any interest in men's basketball at all! You guys are SERIOUSLY missing out!)

Here are photos of some of the players, including my favorites: Sue Bird (#10), Tanisha Wright (#30), Ashley Robinson (#43), Jana Vesela (#7), and MVP candidate Lauren Jackson (#15):

Score at half-time:

Another thing I really liked was that children were allowed to participate in the half-time activities. From what I've heard on radio interviews with some of The Storm's players, getting kids (especially girls) involved in basketball is really important to them. I like that The Storm is making an effort to be involved with the future of our community. Here are some photos of the kids:

The last quarter of the game was SO exciting. Especially the last half of the last quarter. The scores of the two teams were rarely more than two or three points apart. The Sparks would score and then The Storm would score, with a constant alternation in who had the lead. Players from both sides were getting knocked over left and right because they were all playing so hard. We couldn't be sure who was going to win. Here I had been afraid I might be bored at a live sports game. (I had secretly considered bringing Chinese flashcards to memorize if I got too restless.) Instead, I was jumping up and down, screaming with everyone else, bopping my husband on the head with my inflatable Seattle Storm cheering stick, and dancing like a giddy high school girl to all those typical sporting event songs. I had a WONDERFUL time, and will definitely be attending future games. In the end, this was the final score:


  1. Little Bunny Foo Foo
    I don't want to see you
    scoopin' up your husband
    and boppin' him on the head!

  2. Sounds like a huge difference between men's and women's professional basketball... Children dancing verses half-naked women... Hmmmmm. Well, glad you had fun! Cute picture!!

  3. Wow! These women are KICK-ASS!

    I'm so glad we have a reporter on the scene like you, someone you really captures the awe, the glow, and the energy of these women and their iron-willed steel guts. GO STORM!