Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Dragon Queen

One of the nights I was in San Francisco, Minima took me to see my very first drag queen show, held at The Lookout Pizza Bar just off Market Street. The show was absolutely wonderful. My photos were taken from a distance, so they don't do it justice, but take my word for it... the queens were beautiful, and their performances were delightfully passionate. The night was hosted by a queen called Cookie Dough. I unfortunately did not get photos of her opening act, in which she played a young lass losing her virginity to a rockabilly lad in a black greaser wig. There were also performances by Tweaka Turner, Anime Cocks, Pristine Condition, Ginger Snap, and my FAVORITE, Miss Rahni. Each queen performed twice.

I loved all the acts, but I want to give special mention to two of them. The first was performed by Anime Cocks, if I recall correctly. I think these photos are pretty self explanatory!

Then there was Miss Rahni. Oh Miss Rahni! Miss Rahni is a dragon. What I mean is that she is powerful, stunning, graceful, and awe-inspiring. She was by far the most beautiful human being I have ever seen in my life. I recently read a Chinese fairy tale about an immortal dragon king who comes down from the sky in human form to talk with a young peasant lad. That is how I felt when Ms. Rahni walked onto the stage. Ms. Rahni IS a dragon deity. Or maybe she is royalty from Narnia. Whatever she is, it goes beyond human, I swear to you! During her second performance, I got the bravery to go up with a dollar bill for her. I felt like an awkward junior high boy as I approached her. Her height was impressive. She was so sophisticated and graceful that I couldn't bring myself to slip the bill into her dress. She was too sacred for that. Instead, I handed it to her meekly, barely daring to look into her eyes. She took the bill from my hand with such graciousness and elegance that she could have been Grace Kelly or Helen of Troy. These pictures are far inferior to how she looks in real life. You have to see her MOVE to get the full effect. She leaves you breathless:

Here are photos from the other acts, which were so wonderful! They all put so much heart into their acts:

Here is the whole group at the end of the show:


  1. I love how you were awestruck and inspired at a drag show. It just goes to show how everyone needs to keep their eyes open and try new things!

  2. That show WAS one of the best drag shows I've ever been to. Here's the link to Cookie Dough's site:

    Great pics of her and info on her upcoming events. She does a locally famous rendition of The Golden Girls and its been on my list of goals for over three years now to see it! What can I say? I heart Cookie Dough.

  3. What fun!! Wish I could've been there! --Mom