Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Churches of San Francisco

San Francisco has some beautiful churches all throughout the city. I took pictures of more than what I have here, but unfortunately, a lot of them didn't turn out as well as I had thought they would! Here are the ones that are okay. My favorite is the Russian Orthodox church, located in the Outer Richmond district.

Here are two buildings that are not exactly churches, but I think they should go with the churches anyway. First, we have a very impressive Masonic lodge, with some close-up shots of the emblems on its outer walls.

Second we have a building that is kind of a mystery to me. (Maybe Minima can shed some light on this in the comments section!) It is on Sloat Boulevard in the Sunset District, and there are no signs outside of the building to give a clue as to what it is. At first, I thought it was a church, because of the Bible verse on the side of the building, but a look at this website tells me otherwise. The website says, "Also on the north side of this square block, facing Sloat Boulevard, sits a large, windowless building. This is the Central Pump Station, built in 1915. It has an imposing look, its wide, columned door surmounted by the following inscription from the Bible: "LET THY FOUNTAINS BE DISPERSED ABROAD AND RIVERS OF WATERS IN THE STREETS." (Proverbs, 5:16). Above this, along the frieze, is another biblical quotatition: “BUT THE LAND WHITHER YE GO TO POSSESS IT IS A LAND OF HILLS AND VALLEYS AND DRINKETH WATER OF THE RAIN OF HEAVEN.” (Deuteronomy, 11:11) There are representations of human-faced fish on each corner, their twisted tails ending in a red trident, with a vase spilling water from above. In the center of the facade, above the frieze, is a cartouche, surmounted by the face of an old man and flanked on either side by a draped female figure and an eagle. Little is known about the architect or the significance of the religious inscriptions, other than to remind San Franciscans of the precious gift of water." Fascinating, eh? Here are the photos:


  1. I have absolutely no idea what the Central Pump Station is, but I love a good mystery! I'll have to get on the case and sleuth out some details...


    not sure why there's a bible verse on the building.